3 ways golf courses can grow their email list this spring

Spring is around the corner (fingers crossed for those of us in Boston).  And in the spring, people start to get out to the lush green of the golf course to enjoy some sport, sun, and socializing. And golf course marketers start marketing. 

  A relatively empty golf course that has done a poor job of growing its email list

A relatively empty golf course that has done a poor job of growing its email list

If you are in charge of marketing a golf course, what are you focused on this spring?  We know that 85% of golf courses are focused on building their email list as a way to develop lasting relationships with customers and bring them back to their course .  Here are 3 tips for golf courses looking to grow their email list:

1. Collect emails when people request a tee-time
Every single golfer will need to make a tee-time, regardless of whether they walk-in or call in advance.  At that moment, always ask the golfer for their email address and input it directly into your system, or have the golfer write it down for you on the tee-time log next to their name.  As a golf course, this is the simplest and lowest cost way to grow your email list from actual golfers. 

2. On your website, present a discount offer in return for an email address 
Many people will find out about your golf course through online channels - social media, google searches, and more.  Offer a simple discount to these interested golfers - such as $5 off a round of golf - and limit it to first time customers who submit their email address.  Privy's email list growth platform makes it easy to run these offers on your website and grow your golf course email list through your digital channels. 

3. Offer a free accessory in return for an email address
The last option is to combine tips #1 and #2 with a basic in-location incentive.  Not collecting enough email addresses voluntarily?  Add a simple incentive - such as a free pack of golf balls or bag of tees.  This may sound expensive, but think about the long-term value ownership of an email address can provide to your golf course as a way to communicate with loyal golfers. 

If you're looking to more rapidly grow your golf course email list, check out Privy today for simple tools to build your email list and measure conversions.