Privy helps Tupelo Honey Cafe turn in-store foot traffic into 20% email list growth [case study]

Tupelo Honey Cafe recognized they were missing thousands of opportunities to engage customers in-store, and build more email relationships. They had already been using Privy successfully to grow their email list from their digital assets, but recently rolled out the Privy Storefront iPad app across all their in-store iPad kiosks. The results have been incredible. Since rolling out the iPad app, Tupelo has grown their database by 20%. That's over 1,000 new customer emails for each of their locations. And since they're able to track which of the new subscribers comes back in-store, they have been able to tie 50% of new email subscribers to an in-store transaction.

Using small offers on iPad kiosks in each location, Tupelo is able to incentivize customers to subscribe to their email list and automate email list growth. No more transcribing handwriting or hiring data entry assistants.

Tupelo is seeing major success incorporating Privy into a diverse set of marketing initiatives including:

  • In-store email collection via the Privy Storefront iPad app
  • Inclement weather offers to motivate sales during storms
  • Acquisition offers to turn Yelp and website traffic into email subscribers and first time customers
"When we originally integrated Privy into all of our digital assets, we were excited at the impact it had on email list growth. With Privy now on our in-store iPad kiosks, we're able to rapidly grow our email list from our existing foot traffic as well. These are now customer relationships we can nurture over the long-term to drive repeat business".

     - Christin Prince, SVP Marketing at Tupelo Honey Cafe


For the full case study, please click below. To learn more about the iPad app, click here.