Stop Measuring Eyeballs and Clicks, Start Measuring Relationships and Transactions

With the continued shift from traditional marketing channels to digital, retail marketers are now spending $6+ Billion on digital advertisements on channels like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and more. 

The out of the box metrics that result from any of these campaigns includes things like number of impressions, clicks, likes, shares but are any of these real business outcomes? Do these translate into customers and revenue?


If you can't directly measure the business outcome of a marketing campaign, was it an effective campaign?


Sure, there is still value in "brand awareness" campaigns, and if that was your original going when launching a campaign then yes impressions and eyeballs are sufficient for that specific campaign goal. If not, if your original intention was to drive customer visits in-store or increase ecommerce checkouts, you need to dig deeper.

You need to put the tracking and infrastructure in place in order to translate eyeballs into meaningful metrics that matter. For most retail marketers, email relationships and transactions matter most. Hint: it doesn't need to be expensive, time consuming or difficult to set these systems up.

For a deeper look, listen in to our upcoming webinar on how the SVP Marketing of Tupelo Honey Cafe successfully measures sales and builds relationships from digital campaigns, or simply check out our case study page.

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