New campaign type: Join my list

Here at Privy, we're focused on building the best email list growth platform for B2C marketers. Historically all our acquisition tools involved some sort of offer or coupon. Though great for conversion rates, sometimes you want to simply create a "join my list" campaign using our website widget, landing page tool or iPad app for in-person collection.

With the launch of some powerful new functionality, retail marketers now have the flexibility to run list growth campaigns within Privy.

Next time you create a campaign, simply choose the context you desire.

Join my list campaigns still leverage the same great on-site widget and landing page functionality and for enterprise clients, can also be geotargeted as well.

The key difference from an offer based campaign is that no triggered emails will send from the Privy system, and the only conversion you will see in the analytics will be a "signup".  

This campaign type is perfect for generic join my list widgets on your site or event based campaigns for registrations. And, if you enable ESP autosync you can still setup triggered emails within your ESP.