4 new ways to leverage your email list for remarketing

With the growth of email databases and segmentation capabilities over the last decade - along with the massive growth in other interactive marketing capabilities such as social media, display advertising, mobile advertising, and more - there has never been a better time to grow and own an email database. Why?  Email databases can now be used for more than just email marketing, and having a large email database makes it possible to reach your customers and prospects, at scale, on other ad platforms. 

At Privy, we’re focused on helping marketers grow, measure, and activate their email database.  Here are 4 ways you can use your email database for remarketing beyond just email:

1. Facebook Custom Audiences:  The social media behemoth launched Facebook Custom Audiences in 2012. How does it work? Upload your email list and then serve ads on the Facebook Ad Platform targeted at your email list.  

2. Adroll CRM Retargeting: Adroll is a retargeting leader - known for serving ads to people who visited your site.  Adroll recently released a CRM Retargeting capability, allowing you to upload an email list and serve retargeting ads to people in your email list.

3. Twitter Tailored Audiences: Twitter has a highly engaged audience worldwide.  With Twitter Tailored Audiences, one of your targeting options is to upload an email list and serve ads on the Twitter platform to people in your email list.

4. Customer & Prospect Insight: Platforms like FullContact, Spotright, TowerData, and more make it super easy to overlay insight data on top of your email list.  You can add data such as social profiles, demographics, interests, and more.  This data allows you to personalize your future communication with your list, gain intelligence around the types of customers and prospects that make up your list, and help you drive smarter marketing decisions across all channels.

Interested in learning about how you can grow, measure, and activate your email database? Get in touch with us at Privy to learn about our list growth activation platform.