Graduating the Privy Beta Product

Thanks to all of you for beta testing our new features focused on email list growth. Because of all your incredible feedback and feature requests, we're ready to graduate this class of beta users to our full featured product.

Below you'll find important dates and actions we suggest you take in order to continue growing your email list with Privy.

As a reminder, we've now baked the same list growth functionality into our core product and are excited to offer you that same great functionality plus a lot more advanced behavior tracking and segmentation functionality. 

What you need to know:


1. Shutdown date

We will shutdown service and support for the beta product on May 31st 2015.


2. Contacts 

Download or export all your contacts before the shutdown date. To do this login to, click on "contacts" and then export all contacts either to a csv file or directly to your linked Email account. 


3. Widget Code 

You will need to remove the beta widget code that is currently installed on your site. If you installed the wordpress plugin, please delete that from your wordpress account.


4. Landing Pages 

For those of you with any active, published landing pages in the wild, you'll need to replace these with landing pages from a account.


5. Transition to a account

If you haven't already transitioned to the full platform (free for all beta product users), you can create your account below.


Thanks for all your incredible feedback and ideas. We're excited to help you grow even more with our full featured product.