Privy Data: Where do loyal customers come from?

Privy helps marketers grow their email list and build ongoing customer relationships. As part of that, we are able to measure email list growth and the value of each email address based on cross-channel conversion rates over time.

Last month, we shared the best marketing sources of for adding new emails to your database. This month, we’re able to highlight the best channels to acquire loyal customers that convert and purchase more than just once. To do this, we took a random sampling of 50,000 customers who have converted or purchased from a Privy marketer more than once. Here's what we found:

The highlights:

  • Customers who originally join your email list from your website are 20% more likely to be repeat customers, compared with email signups from any other channel

  • While email signups that come through Twitter are initially high converting, they don’t  become repeat customers as often as email signups from Facebook

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