Top Free design tools that boost our marketing efforts

Part of the fun in working at Privy is that as a marketing technology provider, we both serve marketers and create marketing campaigns ourselves.

I've found that over and over and over again I turn to the same 3 tools when creating new campaigns, or posting new content. My hope is that by sharing these great tools with other marketers using Privy to build their email list, you'll have more fun and increase your success along the way.

Without further ado, here is my list.

Top free design tools for marketers:


Quite possibly the easiest to use design program in the world. Canva comes with free and paid functionality. I personally have found the free tools more than comprehensive for creating great visuals for social posts, blogs, newsletters, etc. They let you pick your file output type first, then design according to those requirement. Think: Facebook cover photo, banner ads, pinterest photos and many many more.


Info graphics and charts the easy way. We regularly publish industry data around list growth (here's an example). Rather than use screenshots from my google docs, I use to whip up beautiful, embeddable, interactive charts and infographs (here's another example). With free and paid features, they cover all the bases.


As someone who is regularly creating landing pages, I rely on subtle patterns for fun, free background textures that look great when tiled. All free. Here's an example from a recent campaign: