Display Advertising: Getting Started

This guest post is written by Alex Biale, Digital Marketing Associate at sovrn and a Privy partner.

Creating content is hard. Making money from your content is even harder. That’s where sovrn steps in. At its core, sovrn is a data business invested in empowering publishers by helping them understand their readers, engage with their users and, if they want to, make money. sovrn, Holdings, Inc. is a data-savvy supply side platform that acts as a conduit in the adtech ecosystem. We connect publishers to advertisers by providing them with snippets of code that generate revenue through display advertising.

There are a lot of tools out there that help publishers, but what makes us different is the fact that our commitment to transparency and performance aligns our incentives with yours. We're using our massive network, over nearly 1M websites and a combined audience reach of nearly 1/2 billion people to attract the biggest advertisers and get them to spend the highest CPM possible.

How do I know if my site is ready for display advertising?

We’re glad you asked. Some of the larger ad networks have higher traffic qualifications for entering their network, but overall the general traffic number is likely more attainable than you think. A solid minimum traffic number is around 1,000 daily pageviews. At that pace, if you are garnering a $1.00 CPM for a single ad, or $1.00 for every 1,000 views of that ad, in one month’s time you can earn around $30, By adding a few more zones, or areas on your site for more ads, you can multiply that income pretty fast.

By implementing display advertising on your website you add a low maintenance, passive revenue stream. Now $30 dollars may not seem like a giant chunk of change, but it may very well offset monthly hosting fees, stock photos purchases and a myriad of other costs that add up over the course of a year. As you begin to grow your readership and thus, traffic to your site, that monthly check starts to grow along with it. Many publishers will reinvest their monthly ad revenue into paid channels like social media promotions to help boost their traffic. As their traffic continues to grow, more and more of that ad revenue ends up in their pocket.

How sovrn helps publishers

sovrn makes website monetization easy with the meridian platform. The meridian platform is a tool for publishers that establishes a line of reference for their site by helping them understand their performance and audience while comparing themselves to other site like them. In addition to ad tag management, meridian boasts an unmatched publisher tool suite and robust, user friendly reporting and data visualization. Through the meridian platform, publishers can access resources and tools to help them grow, improve and make more money.

To join sovrn, follow these steps:

1.     Sign up with sovrn and complete your account information.

2.     Apply for display, mobile and video ad tags and install them on your site.

3.     Start making money.

4.     Stay current with best practices through sovrn’s resource center.

Have any questions on display advertising or how to get started? Check out our website and sign up to get in touch with our dedicated Publisher Advocates.