Email List Growth Spotlight: How a golf course converted website traffic into hundreds of emails and new clients

Located in South Carolina, this golf course wanted to grow their email list and attract people to their beautiful course.

Using Privy they created website and facebook ad campaigns that turned their website traffic into clients and email subscribers.

  1. They registered for Privy and installed the widget on their website.

2.  They used the Privy website widget editor to create and publish offers encouraging people to use their emails to redeem special offers.

  3.      Using Privy's social media ad platform, they have created geo-targeted facebook ad campaigns, increasing their online marketing range with relevant, high intent leads.

In just their first month, Privy has added 400+ new email contacts to this golf course's email list through their website widget. There has been 74 redemptions on their offers, converting 15% of their rapidly growing email subscribers into customers.

By enabling more than one campaign at a time, Charleston National Golf is able to capture more email subscribers.  As shown above they use a drop down banner, and below an exit-intent pop up.

Taking advantage of Privy's easy to use dashboard, this golf course has created various offers with different offer based  campaigns. Privy gives them real time snapshots of key data metrics that allows them to see which offers attract the most clients.

 Analytics from one of their most successful offers.

Analytics from one of their most successful offers.