What is exit intent? How can it help you convert more customers?

If you're a marketer thinking about email list growth, you've probably heard the term "exit intent". Don't worry, if you don't yet know what that means, you're not alone.

To understand what exit intent is, it's important to understand the background data leading to the growth of this trend.

Most of your website visitors "bounce".

Here's the truth, despite your website being your most powerful channel for acquiring customers, half of those visitors will leave your site right away. In fact, Mashable quotes that the average website bounce rate is 50%.

This means that 50% of the people you worked so hard to drive to your website, are leaving you in the dust before even exploring your offerings.

What is exit intent?

Simply put, exit intent is software that tracks a users mouse movements on a website or landing page. As the software detects a user that appears to be "exiting" or "bouncing" from a page, the software will use that as a prompt for some sort of event. In most cases, marketers are using exit intent to display some sort of message just before the user leaves the site.

What types of exit intent displays are effective?

When you track a user exiting your page, technically you could present them with any sort of content, or trigger any action on their behalf. We've seen some marketers present  featured content, ask the user to join their email list, and in some cases, present a offer as a last ditch effort to get them to convert.

Our data has shown offers to be incredibly effective when used in conjunction with exit intent. In fact, turning on an offer can lead to a 32% conversion rate, as compared to a 15% conversion rate with non offer based headline.

How can you run exit intent on your own site?

Turning on exit intent for your website is really easy. We offer a FREE exit intent website widget. After a one time installation on your website, you can use our visual editor to customize the exit intent display so it looks great on your site. 

Here are a few examples of clients who used Privy to design their exit intent displays and increase list growth conversions

Need help setting up your free exit intent popup? Click here for a quick guide on getting started