How to run an ecommerce offer with Privy: capture emails then present promo codes

Prompting new website visitors with a promo code in exchange for their email subscription is a fabulous, effective way to grow your email list. 

The consumer gets an offer, and you are able to build more relationships with leads and active customers.

With Privy offers, you can automate the entire workflow, and even track how many redemptions result from the campaign. Here's how to set up your first ecommerce offer in your Privy dashboard:

1. Login to

2. Click "Create new Campaign"

3. Select "Offer"

4. Toggle "Online redemptions" to the "on" state

5. Add your Promo code to the "after claim message" and add a link to your site or a direct URL for the checkout page

6. Install the redemption code on your "thank you" page in order to track redemptions via Privy (Optional but recommended) 

7. Customize the reminder email

Note that after a consumer "claims the offer, we'll present them with the promo code and drive them to check out immediately. 

In case they do not redeem the offer immediately we'll send them a reminder email that will include both the promo code and the checkout link automatically. Under the free plan, the styling and format of this email is our default style. If you'd like to customize the look and feel of the confirmation email, you can do so after upgrading to either our plus or optimizer plan.

If the redemption code is installed on your thank you page, then you'll be able to track redemptions in real time inside your Privy dashboard.

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