Increasing Email Subscribers: How a top vacation site uses Privy

SmarTours offers group vacation tours all over the world at affordable prices. Including airfare, lodging, guides, and other features, they see a lot of traffic on their site from people looking to book interesting and planned vacations. To increase loyal customers and promote deals, SmarTours has started using Privy to generate a popup when it seems like a potential customers is leaving their site. They also use the Privy tab in their top right corner so at any time a visitor can click and subscribe.

As seen below, SmarTours has customized a popup to incentivize people to sign up for their newsletter. By enabling the pop up to show when viewers movements indicate they might leave the page there is an added chance to get more email subscribers.

When people sign up, they receive information on exclusive offers, last-minute specials, and new destinations.  They email out a whole list of deals, but the Privy widget can also be used specifically to promote ecommerce offers.

To date, SmarTours has been able to gain over 1,500 new subscribers in less than a month!

Try yourself and see how Privy can work with your site to convert more email subscribers.