Introducing the brand new Privy Popup Designer

Over the last three months, our rockstar engineering and design teams have been working hard on creating an all-new popup design experience within the Privy dashboard. Our goal is to make it easier for any business to use Privy to grow their email list, and in the process create a beautiful popup that matches their desired look and feel. We're very excited to announce the release of our brand new popup designer that accomplishes just that.  It also removes the two-step email submission process, which increases conversion rates of new email signups. 

What can you do with the new Privy popup designer?

  • Easily add custom elements: using simple WYSIWYG drag and drop functionality, you can modify the look and feel of your popup.  Add in new text and image elements, fully control colors of the background, border, text (including multi-language support), button, and more, and modify the size and dimensions of your popup. 
  • Customize Tab Design: Similar to the old Privy widget builder, you can customize placement, color, and text of a tab (or choose to present the popup only)
  • Control Popup  Behavior: Choose when to display the popup - including timed auto-show and exit intent popup behavior. 

To get started with the designer, login to your Privy dashboard or sign up for a free Privy account.