Announcing our integration with Delivra email marketing software

Delivra is a powerful email marketing platform used by businesses such as Avis, American Legion, Fleischmann's, and more.  We're excited to announce our new integration with Delivra, making it easy for businesses that use Delivra to grow their email subscriber list with Privy's website popups and landing pages.  We're excited to be helping build email lists for Delivra clients!

Starting with Privy and Delivra is easy. You can use our website banners and exit intent popups to grow your subscriber list, or our landing page tool to convert paid and social traffic. 

To automatically sync new emails to your Delivra account, here's what to do.

1. Head to settings & authenticate your Delivra account.

2. Create and publish a Privy email acquisition campaign and activate our popup or landing page

3. Select the Delivra list to keep in sync for that campaign.

Are you a Delivra user looking to grow your email list? Learn more about our integration and create your free Privy account here.