We were featured on Product Hunt. Here's what happened next.

Thanks to one of our users, who also happens to be a engaged member of the Product Hunt community, we were featured on the daily "top list in tech" on August 17th 2015. This came as a bit of a surprise to us, so we didn't even have time to nudge friends to "upvote" us.

As a result, here is what happened:

PH referred us over 700 unique visitors the day we were listed. Because of the exploratory nature of the PH community, the bounce rate from these users was incredibly low.

The majority of the traffic came to us from our profile page on PH. We did get some traffic from the PH homepage showcasing the featured products of the day.

We ended up getting 135 upvotes that day. Some of these were existing users and fans of the company who were likely just excited to see us listed. The other 90% were new leads who we've never engaged with before.

Thanks to the interest from the new leads, and 135 upvotes, we ended up cracking the "top 10" for the day. This was key because it meant that we were always visible, and never hidden behind the dreaded "Show 15 more products" button. This means that for the several days after getting featured, and even weeks later, we're still benefitting from traffic directly from the PH home page. Without making the top ten, I'm not sure it would have been as successful for us.

All in, we converted 70 brand new users to our marketing platform. That was a 10% bump in new accounts for us, from exposure to a brand new community of early adopters. Time will tell if they remain as engaged as our normal customers, or if they just like to test every new app out there. 

Thanks to Product Hunt for featuring us!