Privy now supports 10,000 businesses!

A few years ago, I had an idea. I had helped build a few small business websites, namely for each of my parents' small businesses, and in the process, I repeatedly came a cross a major hurdle. There was no easy way to engage and convert website traffic into email relationships that a small business could then use to drive repeat transactions.

At the time, many technology company sites were using the "feedback" and "livechat" widgets, and it seemed logical that consumer oriented small businesses would need a similar tool to engage their customers as well. Keep in mind that most small business websites in late 2011, 2012 were simply static brochures. In fact, even today, that has not changed too much.

This concept inspired me to chat with tons of businesses owners in restaurant and retail organizations and finally I drew up an ugly mock up on powerpoint. 

                                 The first mockup for the original Privy website product.

With a few customer commitments in hand, we started building a prototype.

Flash forward to 2016. 

The product has evolved but the message remains the same: Privy offers simple tools to build your customer list and drive revenue.

I'm excited to announce that today there are 10,000 businesses globally that use Privy. This month alone, the Privy platform will enable these 10,000 businesses to engage and convert over 100 Million consumers around the world.

Boy, does that feel good. But we think we can go bigger. With the help of our incredible partners,  customers and an amazing team, we're now adding over 4,000 new businesses every month. 2016 is going to be an incredible year to say the least.

What motivates us.

When we first started, we were motivated to solve real problems for small business owners. And that has not changed, yet now it is your direct feedback that inspires us to do better, keeps us focused on solving real business problems and now even drives our product roadmap.

From the entire team here at Privy, thank you all for your incredible support along this journey.


Ben Jabbawy - Founder of Privy.