🍾 60,000 marketers and our new round of funding

Today, we’re excited to share that Privy now supports over 60,000 businesses around the globe. Our users span 180 countries, with marketing teams and entrepreneurs using Privy to engage and convert over 200 Million consumers every month.

In the last few years we’ve seen an explosion in small to mid-size ecommerce sites, whose operators are eager for self-serve marketing tools – the same types of customer acquisition tools used by enterprise marketers, but easier to try, use, deploy and buy.

Privy has been focused on just that. Over the last two years, we’ve expanded our customer base from 100 businesses using the platform, to over 60,000 businesses in the ecommerce, retail, restaurant and SAAS verticals.

As we move into this next phase of growth, we’re inspired by brands like Mailchimp, Shopify and others that have created the market for low cost, high integrity products. Thanks to our incredible partners helping us expand globally, we’re really just scratching the surface.

In addition to the 60,000 user milestone, we’re also excited to announce a new round of funding led by Mike Volpe and Yoav Shapira at Operator.vc. We’ve been working with Mike since Privy’s inception, and are excited to formally welcome Operator.vc into the Privy family. The new financing also includes participation from our friends Bill Cohen, Managing Partner  and Todd Breeden, Principal at KiwiVenture Partners II.  With this new round, Operator.vc and KiwiVenture Partners II join existing Privy investors including Hubspot, Accomplice, 500 Startups and more.

Where do we go from here?

The last 10 years of consumer SMB marketing have been focused on establishing the different steps of the marketing funnel:

  1. Setting up a web presence (website, social pages)

  2. Getting found online (search, directories)

  3. CRM (email marketing)

For us, the focus on list growth has been the entry point into connecting presence to CRM. And as we’ve scaled, we’ve seen a tremendous opportunity, not just to convert traffic into subscribers, but to tie on-site and off-site marketing efforts together. The key, is a unified, view of your customer.

At the enterprise level, this work is underway. Yet, at the SMB level, where most website traffic is unknown, and CRM is limited to email marketing, the challenge is one of simplicity, automation, and data scale.

We’ll be using the proceeds from this new round to continue scaling our list growth product and accelerate towards our vision of consumer focused, SMB marketing automation.