[Data Set] Campaign Content and it's Impact on Email Capture

A recent examination of 100 Million data points, taken over the last 6 months, surfaced some key benchmarks around campaign content. The data shows that above all other factors, the content carries the most significant impact on the conversion rate of your campaign. We pulled the three most frequently used content types to understand how well each converts.

  1. Sign-up campaigns: This is a simple “join our email list popup” that may mention the subscriber can expect specials, offers and announcements, but refrains from using a specific offer to incentivize conversion.

  2. Offer campaigns: Just like it sounds, an offer backed-campaign uses the promise of a specific promo code ,coupon, or piece of content in exchange for conversion.

  3. Enter to win campaigns: This is more of a “sweepstakes” type giveaway, where at the end of the campaign schedule, a winner, or group of winners will randomly be selected.

 "Enter to win" forms offer the most incentive to join and convert at 15%, followed by offers which convert 5%, and lastly, sign up campaigns which convert at 1%. Clearly, the higher the incentive, the higher the conversion rate.

Of course, depending on your brand, margins and campaign mission, not all of these campaigns make sense for your business, yet these are good benchmarks to use when comparing your own campaign success.

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