[Data Set] Email Opt-ins by time on site

Many marketers ask, "Should I display my popup immediately, or after a delay"? Certainly, data around conversion rate by time delay are impacted by other factors like campaign content, but we did take a horizontal view across 5,000+ campaigns, and 50 million data points to examine if there was any measurable difference in the effectiveness of various time delays: 

  • Displaying your campaign immediately (within 3 seconds of page load), or displaying at 15-30 seconds is optimal for conversions.
  • Displaying the campaign at 5-10 seconds is interrupting a user flow, and does not convert as well.
  • And triggering campaigns after 30 seconds performs worst.

The key takeaway is that as a marketer you either want to capture visitor attention immediately, likely using a compelling first time offer, or waiting until the user digs deeper into your site between 15-30 seconds.

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