7 Tips for Battling Cart Abandonment

As a shopper and an online store owner, odds are you’re all too familiar with the prevalence of cart abandonment. It’s something businesses of all shapes and sizes run into every day, sometimes more frequently than they’re even aware of.

According to Baymard Institute, a web usability research company, the average online cart abandonment rate is 68.63%. Whether you’re a small niche shop or a veteran of your industry, you’re likely losing seven out of every ten sales to abandoned shoppers.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a “cure-all” for cart abandonment. There’s no end to the list of reasons customers unexpectedly abandon checkout. Some suffer from pre-purchase jitters, some abandon without meaning to do so, while many never intend to make a purchase in the first place.

But just because cart abandonment is an inevitable facet of running an online store doesn’t mean there aren’t ways of combating it. Because however many shoppers abandon cart, there’s still a great percentage of them that are persuadable, and simply require a little push to be drawn back into the sales process.

If you’re looking to secure as many sales for your business as possible, try incorporating the follow seven tips that’ll allow you to get more shoppers to complete their orders the first time around.

1. Save Shopping Cart Data

One of the benefits of shopping online is that unlike a brick-and-mortar store, customers aren’t forced to make a purchasing decision on the spot. They’re free to add products to their cart, abandon website, and pull the trigger at a later date. Make it easy for customers to pick up right where they left off, at a time that’s convenient for them, with a single, simple “Save Cart” button.

2. Have a Simple Checkout Process

A multi-page checkout process invites frustration and encourages cart abandonment through its long, intimidating and often boring steps. A single page checkout, which streamlines the three-step checkout experience into a single page, offers customers a fast and painless checkout experience, regardless if they’re on a slow internet connection or using a mobile device.

3. Send an Awesome Remarketing Email

Shoppers are going to abandon your site, but they’re not lost in the wind. Encourage shoppers to return to their orders with an enticing remarketing email. Remind customers of the products they’ve abandoned, and make it easy for them to return to their order with quick links to their shopping cart. Using great copy, high-quality images, and an appealing subject line are essential ingredients for crafting a remarkable, conversion-driving abandoned cart email.

4. Establish trust with security certificates

Online fraud is on the rise and an increasing number of consumers are finding it harder to trust websites with their sensitive information. Ease customer fears with visual cues that identify your business as a safe and trusted place to shop. Tastefully display your SSL certificate, PCI compliance and security badges (e.g. “McAfee Secure” or “Norton Secured”) in prominent, visible areas of your checkout process to remind customers that their security and privacy is of paramount importance to your business.

 5. Clearly Display Contact and Support Information

Not every customer that shops at your website will have questions, but the majority will seek out specific information to determine whether your business is a trustworthy place to shop. Clearly displaying your store’s contact information, including a dedicated toll-free number, as well as offering quick links to customer support, helps to alleviate potential concerns while providing customers with the necessary confidence needed to checkout.

6. Offer Guest Checkout

Today’s shoppers are in a hurry and not everyone is keen on having to create an account just to make an online purchase. Offering customers a guest checkout option allows customers to buy from you quickly and easily, without having to log into an account or provide an abundance of information. The easier you make it for customers to check out, the more likely you are to earn their loyalty and future business.

 7. Diversify Payment Options

Although it may be tempting to use one payment method, consider offering a diverse selection of popular payment systems that appeal to your targeted demographic. Depending on your audience, payment by PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or an alternative credit card or digital wallet solution may work best for your business. While it may be a hassle to setup and integrate with numerous payment solutions, find comfort in knowing that you’ll have eliminated yet another major cause for cart abandonment.

So what next?

Every online business is losing money to cart abandonment, yet not enough of them are doing anything about it.  By implementing the above tips, you’ll get more customers to complete their orders the first time around. Of course, you won’t be able to lure back every abandoned shopper, but with just a few minor changes, you’ll be able to secure significantly more sales and increase your store’s conversion.


This was a guest post, written by Ashley Duke, a content creator at 3dcart. 3dcart is the leading all-in-one eCommerce solution designed for small and mid-sized businesses. Merchants use 3dcart's powerful software to design, set up and manage their online stores.