Announcing the campaigns page overhaul

“More information at a glance…” - that was the inspiration behind the recent campaigns page redesign. 

We're excited to announce a major update to the campaign page’s interface, adding visuals, and more stats at a glance. 

We added new drop-down features where users can search and organize their campaigns by whether they’re active or not, their launch status, and their completion status. You can also sort the campaigns by start date, end date, title, most recent, amount of views, signups, redemptions, and other options as well.

Another new feature is the display of the different campaigns in the dashboard. Each campaign card will show a preview of that campaign's display design. Furthermore,  hovering over them will trigger a few different possible actions for said campaign. You now have the ability to stop the particular campaign, duplicate the campaign, while the views and sign-ups metrics are also displayed.

With the new campaigns page, navigating Privy is a lot easier and visual, and now you have all your stats in view in one glance.

Say hello to the new campaigns page:

Happy Marketing!