[Infographic] Quickly, and easily grow your email list

More email subscribers are a good thing. A larger, current list helps you more easily build your brand, create excitement in your community, and share news of cool products or services. But growing it? That takes lots of effort— right ? Sure. Sometimes it does. But there are also hacks you can take advantage of to grow your email subscriber base without too much effort.

For starters, some social media platforms help you reach new people more easily; Facebook’s Lookalike Audience is one. It allows you to set some parameters for that new cohort so you can find people with similar interests and likes.

Another trick it to offer multiple opportunities for people to join that subscription list. It shouldn’t be hard to find links, and you can use tools such as pop-up boxes to help, too. Giving people an action — an incentive that gets them to sign up, an offer in a blog — are useful ideas as well.

Ready to grow your emails? Use this graphic to get started.

Easy Ways to Quickly Grow Your Email Subscriber Base