Announcing floating tabs - a new tab style to trigger your displays

In our email list growth report from 2016, we detailed how incredibly effective it is to include a visual call to action that when clicked, prompts your email capture campaign. Well today we're launching a new tab style to the mix.


Floating Tabs


The new floating tab style can be positioned on the bottom left or right of your site. It's perfect for marketers who don't want to block core site navigation, yet want a dedicated CTA that prompts a campaign.

It includes a red notification if the visitor has not yet viewed the campaign, and slowly animates in the tab teaser text, as shown in the demo below.

The default floating tab includes a simple email icon and you can easily swap that out for your own image that you upload into the tab's settings.

Consistent with the other tab styles form Privy, a campaign that uses a floating tab, can still use other display triggers like the timer, exit intent and scroll percentage.


Floating Tab in Action