How To Increase Email Signups With Privy

You’re the owner of a brand spanking new Privy account and you are ready to start using the website widget and create a landing page...but you get stuck and can’t figure out what your first campaign should be.  This post should help.

One of the best ways to use Privy is to capture email addresses from anywhere online, and that all starts with your website.  First, create a new campaign by clicking new at the top of your screen:


Then give your campaign a title, a brief description, and you’ll also be able to add an image with your campaign:


While you are writing the title and description, think hard about what the value will be to potential subscribers.  In most cases, saying “Join My Email List” is not going to be enough to get someone to take action here.  Will they be the first to know about new specials? Will they be getting exclusive access to content?  Maybe they’ll be getting a sweet new t-shirt from you after they sign-up.  Whatever it is, just make sure that the benefit to everyone is crystal clear.

The number one source of new email addresses is your website, so now that you’ve created this new campaign, it’s time to customize how the website widget will appear on your site.  Just scroll down and select customize website widget so you can set a style that matches your brand:


Here’s an example of a site using Privy to capture new email addresses.  They are able to set it and forget it and turn website traffic into new email addresses just by having the widget with a clear call to action up on their site:


Now, you can also grab a link to the landing page that gets created whenever you create a Privy campaign and distribute it to any online channel asking people to signup for your email list (Pro Tip: Share this link often and in various places. There's a secret source of new email addresses sitting right in front of you that you're probably not taking advantage of: your Facebook fans and Twitter followers, and you can also use this link in your social ads as well.)


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