How To Create A Facebook Ad In Five Minutes

Facebook Advertising can be an effective way to increase brand awareness, increase conversions and even boost sales.  One of the best parts about running ads on Facebook is that you can see real business results by spending as little as $10-$20/day, and their tools have evolved so you can get an ad up and running in minutes.  Here's how to create your first Facebook Ad in five minutes.

After you login to Facebook, click on the little arrow in the top right and then select Create Ads

Create Ads.png

Pick the goal of the campaign.  In this example, we're going to drive people to your website or to landing page, so select send people to your website


Enter the URL of your website or landing page in the box provided


Set your basic targeting.  Here you can chose the radius that you wan't to target, age group, gender, language, interests and behaviors.  This might seem like a lot, but for your first set of ads, think about the broad categories of the people that you want to see your ad and start there (for example: Women aged 21-65 within 10 miles of Boston interested in technology).


Pro Tip: When you scroll down, you'll see Connections and an option to select All or Advanced Connection Targeting. This is where you can choose to limit the ad to people who are not already fans of your page which can he helpful for new customer acquisition.

connection targeting

Set your budget.  We recommend starting with $10/day, and leaving the default bidding selection of Optimize for Website Clicks on.  You can chose to let it run continuously or select a start and end date


You're almost ready to launch! The last step is to select an image for your campaign.  Facebook will automatically pull an image from your website or landing page for you, but it's best to add a few others.  


Pro Tip: Test more than one image!  Pick 3-5 images in your ads so you're able to test which images get the most clicks and conversions.  Facebook makes this easy for you with a huge gallery of free stock images you can use.

That's it! The best part of Facebook Ads is how easy it is for you to test, learn and iterate.  Don't spend too much time stressing over the details - start with small dollars, see what works and then double down on your spend or cut it if it's not working.

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