How Fresh Cut Fries Led To 900 New Email Addresses for Old Carolina Barbecue [Privy Case Study]

Old Carolina Barbecue company is a ten location concept in Ohio.  Known for their sauce, ribs and pulled pork, OCBBQ has been named one of the 10 Best Barbecue Chains in America.  One of their big initiatives in 2014 was to grow their email database so they could start building better relationships with customers outside of their delicious experience in-store.  

  Photo credit: Old Carolina Barbecue Company

Photo credit: Old Carolina Barbecue Company

Over the course of 30 days, they were able to add over 900 new email addresses to their list, and there are two specific reasons why:

1. There was a clear and compelling offer.  Too many times, we see campaigns that are long and confusing with a lot of fine print and restrictions.  Old Carolina kept it super simple and made this a no-brainer for any consumer.  It doesn't get much more straight forward than a free order of fresh-cut fries with any purchase.


2. They distributed the campaign across multiple channels.  Colleen Porter, Old Carolina's Marketing Manager, understood that their customers don't just hang out in one place online.  They needed to reach people wherever they are, and all it took was a few dollars on Facebook Ads, scheduling a handful of Twitter and Facebook posts, and getting the offer up on And with Privy, Colleen was able to understand which channels worked and which ones didn't. That meant she could tweak things as she went and know exactly where to start for their next campaign, taking some of guess work out of marketing.

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