A guide to our free popup designer

In August we launched an incredibly powerful, flexible and free popup designer. For those new to the Privy platform, here is a brief guide on navigating the popup designer for the first time.

In your privy campaign, click the pencil icon to open the widget designer:

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 2.22.53 PM.png

There are three key components to the design experience:

  1. Customizing the popup itself.
  2. Customizing a tab prompting the popup to open.
  3. The behavioral targeting of the popup itself.

Design settings

When you first launch your email list growth campaign, we recommend stepping through each section before launching.

You can click the plus icon to add a new element to your design. Add some text, upload an image, or add some new color and depth with a rectangle.

Double clicking inside each element will prompt more customization capabilities for that specific element.

You can also drag the elements up or down to move them "in front" or "behind" one another.

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 2.24.27 PM.png

Our default campaign template includes several elements. You can delete any element at any point by clicking into the element, then clicking the trash icon, as shown to the right.

We highly recommend that you explore the background element. The background controls the shape of the popup, the height and width and even the overlay coloring. The background element can really make the difference in your campaign. It's also where you would upload an image if you want an image to span your entire campaign. 


Tab Settings

In the tab design section you can decide if you want to give users the ability to open the popup display with the click of a mouse, and if so, how and where you want the tab to sit. You can choose from several display styles for the tab, and then customize the exact location, color and text for the tab.


Behavior Settings

Lastly, the behavior tab is where you'll go to turn on exit intent and timed auto show. You can also decide how frequently you want to show this campaign to a single visitor. And you can decide if you want this campaign to also show on your mobile site.

Ready to get started? Here's some inspiration from users demonstrating the flexibility of the popup design capabilities.