How To Calculate Your Online Audience Size

Now that it is easy to find answers to virtually any questions you might have by searching online ('Googling' something), more and more people are turning online to solve their problems and answer their queries.  In many cases, this means they are looking to YOU for answers or solutions, or will find YOU without knowing that they were looking for YOU to begin with. We've put together a quick How-To guide to show you how to see how many people are looking for you on any given day.

There are two audiences you should care about:

  • Your Immediate Audience: website traffic + Facebook fans + Twitter Followers
  • Your Potential Audience: Google searchers + Friends of Facebook Fans + Followers of Twitter Followers

Here, we'll show you how to measure the size of your Immediate Audience. 

Your Website

The key metric that you should care about: Unique Visitors (i.e. the number of different people who visit your website).  The best free tool to accurately measure your audience size is Google Analytics.  To use it, create an account at Google Analytics and install the few short lines of HTML code they provide on your website.  Once that’s done, you can go to your dashboard and select Traffic.  It will show you exactly how many people have visited your website in the past month and you can even use Real Time to see who is on your website right then.  Another free option is SEMRush.  While this service is less accurate than Google, it doesn’t require any installation and gives you a good overview of how many unique visitors you have on your website and how much search engine traffic you're getting every month.

 The number of Facebook fans you have can be found below your cover photo

The number of Facebook fans you have can be found below your cover photo


Finding out how many fans you have is easy… just look on your page to see the number of fans in the header bar under your cover photo.


Finding out how many followers you have is easy.  Click on the Profile tab at the top of the Twitter screen.  It will show you how many Twitter followers you have.

Then, simply add them up.  For example:

1,200 Unique Website Visitors
+ 2,694 Facebook Fans
+ 1,823 Twitter followers
= 5,717 immediate audience members

While there are lots of other metrics that will help you understand and manage your online presence, tracking what kind of immediate reach you have will give you a better grasp of what kinds of content improve that reach and how to best engage your audience.

Check out our blog post about measuring your potential online audience to get an understanding of how you can see your potential reach and use that information to set goals and improve your reach. 

When it comes to engaging your immediate audience to drive in-store traffic to your business, Privy can help make that a reality and track how effective your digital marketing efforts really are.