Welcoming Alex Jenkins, Privy's VP Product

Chapter 1 of Privy's timeline was 100% focused on enabling brands to build deep relationships with high-intent customers. The results our customers have seen are incredible. Through the use of our product, marketers at brick and mortar businesses can easily acquire customer contact information and understand the impact their online marketing initiatives are having on in-store sales.

And still, our journey is just beginning. We've just entered chapter 2, in which we'll be focused on two key areas:

  1. Enabling brands to build a deeper understanding of who their customers are and what their customers' offline interests are.
  2. Simplifying the way brands act on this information to personalize remarketing efforts, bringing their customers back more frequently.

These are big, meaty problems. As such, we've decided to double down on our process and approach to building product here at Privy.

With that in mind, we're excited to welcome Alex Jenkins as our VP of Product.

Alex Jenkins - Privy's VP Product

Alex spent the first half of his career at Digitas, helping Fortune 500 clients address their integrated marketing challenges. He then spent the next several years designing mobile, social, and search products at Endeca, Microsoft, and Fidelity Investments. And most recently, he led product management and design at Spindle, a mobile app that analyzed social network activity to help people discover offers and things to do at nearby businesses. When I asked him about his decision to join the company, Jenkins said:

Through my work at Spindle, I realized there's a massive opportunity for technology to help brick and mortar businesses engage customers more effectively. A lot of businesses already use the right channels  their websites, email, social media  to find and interact with customers. But for a host of reasons they're just not doing it very effectively. That's the gap I think Privy can help fill.

Welcome to the team, Alex.

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