How to setup a Call-to-Action Button on your Facebook page

Recently, Facebook launched a "Call-to-Action" button for facebook page admins. This means that as a page administrator, you now have the capability to customize a button on your timeline photo, driving visitors to take whatever action you deem appropriate. Here's an example of pizza hut's CTA, driving you to order online.

Despite the decrease in engagement on your actual page (come on, we all know the newsfeed is the sweet spot), you could certainly argue that the traffic that does actually make it to your page is super high intent. You should consider driving them to an acquisition oriented offer (for ideas, check out our previous post on the anatomy of a long running offer), or directly to an ecommerce checkout opportunity.

Here's how to create your own CTA on your Facebook page in 2 minutes or less:

1. Visit your FB page logged in as the admin. Click the CTA button next to the "like" button.

2. Choose from the display text options (consider "sign up") and enter the destination URL (offer landing page).

3. Decide where to send mobile users (landing page or app)

4. Done. Now you can see all sign ups (aka "clicks") on the right side of the page


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