Website Widget: Now with Popup and Exit Intent Functionality

Across all channels, we have consistently seen that your brand's website is hands down the best source of new emails conversions. You've always been able to use the Privy website widget to create stylish onsite experiences focused on conversion. Yet to date, you could only choose from a handful of templated styles. Today all of that changes with the launch of several incredibly powerful features.

1. We now support Popups

The traditional website widget converts anywhere from 1-5% of your website traffic. That's incredible, but not all your traffic even opens the widget. With the launch of popup functionality, you can now customize campaigns to get in front of everyone. You can now customize a popup to "pop" after a certain amount of time, and limit showing the popup only to certain visitors based on frequency of visits as well as geography. 

2. Exit Intent

Ever looked at your google analytics and wondered why your bounce rate was so high? Well now with our exit intent capability, you can present offers or signup forms to visitors who are about to leave your site. For an example, try leaving this blog. This feature can be used in conjunction with an existing campaign, or you may want to consider heaving an exit intent only campaign to really try and make a last ditch effort to convert your visitor. Trust us, this will help you build your email list fast.

3. Mobile website Interaction

Given that over 50% of website traffic is coming from a mobile device, we also made a big upgrade to the way consumers engage with the Privy widget on your mobile site. From now on, all consumers that click to open your mobile widget will prompt a popup, and will keep the customer on your website and domain the entire experience.


4. Developer tools for advanced website functionality

And lastly, for advanced users who want to fully customize the interaction on their website, we have some javascript calls you can use to programmatically open, close or toggle the popup. This is perfect for using your own website styling and buttons to prompt the Privy powered campaigns while maintaining your site's look and feel. These calls can be found in the widget builder itself.


Are you interested in implementing these features to drive email signups and conversions? Get in touch and we'd be happy to help you out.